My name is Eshu and I am a rescued orphan red fox (vulpes vulpes) born in 2013 and now living with a family and feeling all snazzy n happy!
This is my blog where you can follow me and see my growing and way of live!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Q: Hi. I've just discovered your blog and i also read about vader's story, how people react to you and others keeping a pet fox etc and i can truly tell you that trying to show the world a fox can be domesticated is heroic and awesome. Pls dont give up


To tell the truth my case a bit different since I am volunteer and trusted person at a shelter which works partially as a sanctuary.

So my girl was not bought from a breeder but rescued orphan without a moher to raise her up and I was her caretaker up until she got all her vaccinations. I am working with them over 2 years so the idea to have her under my care was agreed upon and every vaccination or medical treatment she may need is recorded by the shelter as well. This and the fact that I refuse to give out personal information of myself as her caretaker our safe ticket to avoid people from the internet to harm us. If I would not have this safe background behind her I would not update such blog as this one for sure.

My blog’s goal not to be a fox celeb and gather fans, but to keep it as a personal record which will be pleasant to look back and remind myself how a life started with her and what all changed slowly during the years she was growing up with me. My memory can be holed and I just not want to forget the details, too precious for that.

I am not saying now, that I am a special owner, just feel like my background makes a bit more safe for me to time to time still update this blog. I never trusted internet and online communities in my opinion more deadly like real life ones, since here you simply can not look into the eyes of your attacker and they can do their damage faceless without ever get responsible for their acts. This scares me and taught me to use faceless public activities as well for my own sanity. 

I not feel myself as a hero by posting blog anyway. It is actually a selfish blog, full of my experiences and my adventures and I rarely reblog from others to keep my blog “clean” and concentrate on my main subject. I of course appreciate all followers and if they have questions I reply them all! But my main goal not to satisfy my followers wish unless it is a wish include my girl or any fox from the shelter I am working with. 

About the domestication part I must say it is a lie. It is true russians ran a silver fox project to domesticate their subjects but as the wolf was not domesticated in 50 years but in 1000 a fox wont be domesticated in this life cycle I am living. A fox recently is a wild animal, and even if they have some values humans would love to capitalize on (their sharp senses for drugs for example) a fox is not like a domestic animal, it wont want to please you and do favors for you, it will want to live its own life the way it wants. Remember the fox not depending on you, and even a fox lives in captivity has natural genetics to still find a way to survive more or less of its own (another thing it may not be healthy and the lack of fear of humans will make it an easy prey, and ranch fox colours simply not for hiding in the nature with it) and has chance an escaped fox will never return to you.

The curly tail, the short legs some gave report about not sign of domestication but sign that the animal changed their life surrounding and with the years simply adopted the new living and “mutated” the way it is more surviveable for them there. A fox is a wild animal, anyone who ever thinks of having one must know what they are dealing with and must be aware they bring a wild animal to their home.

All those fluffy cute videos out there are videos/photos made by the fox personal caretakers the fox bonded with. Not means they will react the same cuddly way to a stranger, and a fox has special needs as well. You can socialize it indeed, but it wont be recognized as a domestic animal so people around you may make issues about it and truly better to keep such animal only at your own property and most possibly hidden from people to see. It is not impossible, and I would never get tired of helping out the shelter with their foxes, but dont want people to believe in fake information about this animal and jump into ownership unprepared which can result a dead fox and an unhappy human exowner. Seen too many of those. :(

And for now the last rescue you can meet with is Smirre. 

She is the same age like Eshu, just got a year old and one very sweet and friendly unique vixen. The one who flatten her ears, wags her tail and happy pee when you enter her enclosure and welcoming you with big joy and excitement. She tho not really allows human interaction only a bit but still welcomes you with excited vocals, tail wags and actually happ for the human company.

She was found by a family as young all alone no trail of siblings nor parents so the family took her in for a while. The unique thing is this family did not know about foxes so she was kept outside with low fence with their dog in the garden and she not escaped, she was open and pretty social vixen. As the family was quite normal they knew they just cant risk her life and they looked for her a more safe place to be and they personally asked the shelter to help her giving a safe and nice home. 

She was mothered up by Cleo and ever since they share the same enclosure and pretty happy there together. Like mother and daugther. )

Another of our rescue, namely Cleo.

She turned 2 years old now, a very calm and relaxed vixen who is pretty open with humans even though she not let people touch her. It took me 4 months to win her trust and sometimes she allows me to pet her a bit or scratch at the neck. I visiting her ever since she got in as a young baby with her two brothers who were extremly shy and always kept hidden from humans.

She and her siblings separated since her enclosure is close to visitors and many human can surround it, and it stressed her brothers who got to a less visited enclosure of their own to avoid stress situation.

Cleo is well known of be that motherly fox. She always mothers up the orphan kits and handle them as her own, protects them and even more vocalizing with them. She is open and comes very close to humans but one rule; no touch. If you keep you can observe her very close she not minds. She has soft weakspot on hanging things from clothes, and rings on finger. :D

Her story luckily nothing depressing, she and her brothers were left alone, mother was possibly killed as she never returned. Their den was found and all three of them got to us in the right time before starve to death. Neither of them suffered trauma from it, they live happy and content now.

I promised that I will also introduce you some of those foxes ‘we’ working with at the shelter/sanctuary. 

He got name “Chained” from his background story, how he became our rescue. He was found orphan by a small town/village where people had heart and actually raised him up instead of killing him, but as he got adult the villagers afraid he would hunt their chickens they chained him on a relative short leash and left him that way there. 

Someone who passed by got notice of how he was kept and got in touch with the shelter who came to rescue the poor guy and offer him a nicer home. As arrived, it also got to notice he is missing a leg, which was lost to a dog in a previous issue (he was not afraid of the dog and the dog was a hunter specie, it not ended too well). He is doing excellent on three legs actually, runs and plays like nothing bad happened. Full of energy and lifelike though he only responses well to his personal caretaker, for others he shows shy or a bit nibby behaviour. 

I was happy to see him outside today and fast made some photos as you can see. He is such a charming fellow! Still having his winter fur, that is why his tail is so bushy!


#sketch#rough#fursona#astarte#fox#borzoi Not going to finish up this one myself. This will be an unexpected collab so hopefully before next year will be able to show the final outcome of it.

The piece got me inspired to get back into art again, had to face an unexcepted and unwanted hiatus due of rl happenings. 
A wonderful piece, right? This artist is so talented!


#sketch#rough#fursona#astarte#fox#borzoi Not going to finish up this one myself. This will be an unexpected collab so hopefully before next year will be able to show the final outcome of it.

The piece got me inspired to get back into art again, had to face an unexcepted and unwanted hiatus due of rl happenings. 

A wonderful piece, right? This artist is so talented!

Q: Hey, I'm sorry to ask, but.. Now that I saw your recent post. What happened to the other fox blogs? Like Miko's owner..? I knew that there was a false report on Vader and people got scared, but.. Is somebody doing harmful stuff to fox owners..?


I cant really talk in others name, but Vaders story surely was a strong reason most fox owners simply pulled back and closed from the public. 

I cant tell what happened to Mikos blog, it looks deleted to me, but I was not that active around to really follow everything. 

Some fox owners tried to open to the public to show a wild animal can be still kept on a way it not hurts the animal and even if not domesticated but still it can be socialized to a bit show the world example that a responsible owner can handle such animal (with the animals flaws too not just merits) - but as you see this world not open nor mature enough to accept it. 

Sometimes I feel this world is immature and unable to grow up, and by it many things should be forbidden, as people simply cant value it enough or even see into it and for this stupidity other lives suffer for. It is very… sad.

First of all - I was asked many ppl to keep my blog still up to read over my experiences which I shared so the blog stays up.

I checked over all my posts and removed text which I felt is too personal/private and could risk her life through online people. 

Regarding that fact that I am her care taker at first place and I actually work as volunteer at a “sanctuary” I will time to time upload photos for those who I know appreciate it and followed her growing up from early days. 

Her photos can be taken as reference for study/anatomy but not to make money out of it (sell prints.. etc). I not appreciate using her photos for "roleplay" or use it in "sexual" content though, that is pretty sick in my opinion. 

I still support the artist community as long it respects me as the one took the photos they may work from. 

These 2 shots shared since her 1 year birthday is coming pretty soon and a wonderful way to remember for me how she was a year ago and how amazingly beauitful vixen she just became. 

The strange look around her neck is the mark of the collar she grew out and gave me super hard time to remove it as she insisted with all her strenght and power. It left some unlucky mark and missing fur now, but I won the battle and could remove it. The collar was needed for the bell on it while she was younger so I could hear her moving even in the dark while she was in the same room with me where I slept too. She not needs that anymore. I keeping her kit bell tho, such a sweet memory.

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A mama fox and her babies on a live cam. I think the babies are only a few days old. So cute

(Source: ohthatlittlefox)


Q: You've posted few pictures of your dog lying on its back and I just wanted to say it's really cruel. Dogs lay on their back when they're being submissive and are terrified. Stop intimidating your dog please.







That’s not correct. Dogs can show they’re submissive and won’t do any harm by laying on their backs, that’s correct. But they don’t ONLY do it then.
Dogs often expose their tummy when they’re asking other dogs to play. Some also expose their tummy when they’re comfortable and trust you. Some sleep on their back. Some dogs do it when they want belly rubs. You really need to read the dog’s body language AND situation before you judge.

Aska often lays on her back when she’s sleeping or just relaxing. She only does it around me which is a good sign, it means she trusts me and feels safe so don’t worry about that. My dog does NOT expose her tummy around other dogs or people to show she’s not going to attack, or when she’s scared, etc. 


… You don’t have to worry about my dog.

This is ridiculous.

There’s a difference between my foster dog crawling to the ground and offering his belly/looking away and licking his lips because he was abused in his former home and is afraid I might do the same thing, and my service dog wiggling around on his back and kicking his back legs around to itch himself.

Aska looks like she’s enjoying life, she ain’t stressed.


look here’s a video of me scaring my german shepherd into total submission 


Omg that’s obviously abuse. How dear you!

Regarding to this post I wonder why some dog actually do immediately this laying on their back.

Our dog, Chi does it every single time someone is around and literally whining/crying to pay her attention and rolling even more to win our attention. Every single time - and never really understood why. I mean I understood it is for belly rub and mostly attention but never seen dog doing this before Chi. Like 100% of the time someone appears and madly wagging her tail. 

She also sleeps on her back with paws stick in the air all the time. This is part of her personality or actually a message towards us the family trying to tell us something? 

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