My name is Eshu and I am a rescued orphan red fox (vulpes vulpes) born in 2013 and now living with a family and feeling all snazzy n happy!
This is my blog where you can follow me and see my growing and way of live!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Slice of Creativity

Not only foxy, but I reviving my artblog again (I had a year long hiatus, recently drawing again, and have many foxy concepts already) so if you interested in visual works while I collecting useable photos of Eshu to upload feel free to follow me there too :>

Ps; Hopefully can soon bring some more photos, she started to grow her winter fur which means bushy fox tail photos :>

Some more fresh photo )

Yesterday cleaned the back garden and the pinetree the neighbour has make lots of dirt and troubles (the branches fall on our side) so we cut 2 bigger branches off which I recycled and placed them in her enclosure to make something change; something fun for her.

I had my chance to be present when she first checked them, and also at feeding time. She seemed hyper about the changes and were playing a bit "hide and run-into-my-face game". :)

Also as you can see could do some photo directly from her “den” while she is inside of it. That is enclusive if I may say that, since that is her safe spot and everytime someone close to it or doing something around it she goes aggressive to protect her home.

Not me, she even would let me pull her out of it if I would want, I literally cuddled her out from it. A trust which is unique and I surely treasure it a lot and high. Nobody else can touch her there, but as you can see if it is me she even enjoy the scratches and cuddles, she fell asleep in my hand once this way. :)

Another fox lost to law enforcement ignorance.


I want to direct you guys to this video. Chloe’s pet fox, Valo, was euthanized by law enforcement after escaping from his enclosure. They claim it is because he was a “dangerous” animal. The kicker is that they never notified her before they did it or when they caught him.
This is so sickening. It makes my heart ache for her. I know the pain she must be feeling and I cannot believe that this has happened.
Please send some support her way!

and it keeps happening again … :(

Had some quality time together in this heavy summer heat today and could snap some nice photos of her with the borrowed camera again. I thought I share some, she was so cuddly and open today. :)

2014 yearly vaccination at the vet.

Question for all

Curious question!

Since it is shedding time I have lots of very soft and clean fox fur now from Eshu. If I would make small lucky charms out of it, would be anyone interesed buying? 

Was thinking 10-15$ +shipping cost and the little cash I earn with would go for the shelter foxes support. ^^

Q: Hi. I've just discovered your blog and i also read about vader's story, how people react to you and others keeping a pet fox etc and i can truly tell you that trying to show the world a fox can be domesticated is heroic and awesome. Pls dont give up


To tell the truth my case a bit different since I am volunteer and trusted person at a shelter which works partially as a sanctuary.

So my girl was not bought from a breeder but rescued orphan without a moher to raise her up and I was her caretaker up until she got all her vaccinations. I am working with them over 2 years so the idea to have her under my care was agreed upon and every vaccination or medical treatment she may need is recorded by the shelter as well. This and the fact that I refuse to give out personal information of myself as her caretaker our safe ticket to avoid people from the internet to harm us. If I would not have this safe background behind her I would not update such blog as this one for sure.

My blog’s goal not to be a fox celeb and gather fans, but to keep it as a personal record which will be pleasant to look back and remind myself how a life started with her and what all changed slowly during the years she was growing up with me. My memory can be holed and I just not want to forget the details, too precious for that.

I am not saying now, that I am a special owner, just feel like my background makes a bit more safe for me to time to time still update this blog. I never trusted internet and online communities in my opinion more deadly like real life ones, since here you simply can not look into the eyes of your attacker and they can do their damage faceless without ever get responsible for their acts. This scares me and taught me to use faceless public activities as well for my own sanity. 

I not feel myself as a hero by posting blog anyway. It is actually a selfish blog, full of my experiences and my adventures and I rarely reblog from others to keep my blog “clean” and concentrate on my main subject. I of course appreciate all followers and if they have questions I reply them all! But my main goal not to satisfy my followers wish unless it is a wish include my girl or any fox from the shelter I am working with. 

About the domestication part I must say it is a lie. It is true russians ran a silver fox project to domesticate their subjects but as the wolf was not domesticated in 50 years but in 1000 a fox wont be domesticated in this life cycle I am living. A fox recently is a wild animal, and even if they have some values humans would love to capitalize on (their sharp senses for drugs for example) a fox is not like a domestic animal, it wont want to please you and do favors for you, it will want to live its own life the way it wants. Remember the fox not depending on you, and even a fox lives in captivity has natural genetics to still find a way to survive more or less of its own (another thing it may not be healthy and the lack of fear of humans will make it an easy prey, and ranch fox colours simply not for hiding in the nature with it) and has chance an escaped fox will never return to you.

The curly tail, the short legs some gave report about not sign of domestication but sign that the animal changed their life surrounding and with the years simply adopted the new living and “mutated” the way it is more surviveable for them there. A fox is a wild animal, anyone who ever thinks of having one must know what they are dealing with and must be aware they bring a wild animal to their home.

All those fluffy cute videos out there are videos/photos made by the fox personal caretakers the fox bonded with. Not means they will react the same cuddly way to a stranger, and a fox has special needs as well. You can socialize it indeed, but it wont be recognized as a domestic animal so people around you may make issues about it and truly better to keep such animal only at your own property and most possibly hidden from people to see. It is not impossible, and I would never get tired of helping out the shelter with their foxes, but dont want people to believe in fake information about this animal and jump into ownership unprepared which can result a dead fox and an unhappy human exowner. Seen too many of those. :(

And for now the last rescue you can meet with is Smirre. 

She is the same age like Eshu, just got a year old and one very sweet and friendly unique vixen. The one who flatten her ears, wags her tail and happy pee when you enter her enclosure and welcoming you with big joy and excitement. She tho not really allows human interaction only a bit but still welcomes you with excited vocals, tail wags and actually happ for the human company.

She was found by a family as young all alone no trail of siblings nor parents so the family took her in for a while. The unique thing is this family did not know about foxes so she was kept outside with low fence with their dog in the garden and she not escaped, she was open and pretty social vixen. As the family was quite normal they knew they just cant risk her life and they looked for her a more safe place to be and they personally asked the shelter to help her giving a safe and nice home. 

She was mothered up by Cleo and ever since they share the same enclosure and pretty happy there together. Like mother and daugther. )

Another of our rescue, namely Cleo.

She turned 2 years old now, a very calm and relaxed vixen who is pretty open with humans even though she not let people touch her. It took me 4 months to win her trust and sometimes she allows me to pet her a bit or scratch at the neck. I visiting her ever since she got in as a young baby with her two brothers who were extremly shy and always kept hidden from humans.

She and her siblings separated since her enclosure is close to visitors and many human can surround it, and it stressed her brothers who got to a less visited enclosure of their own to avoid stress situation.

Cleo is well known of be that motherly fox. She always mothers up the orphan kits and handle them as her own, protects them and even more vocalizing with them. She is open and comes very close to humans but one rule; no touch. If you keep you can observe her very close she not minds. She has soft weakspot on hanging things from clothes, and rings on finger. :D

Her story luckily nothing depressing, she and her brothers were left alone, mother was possibly killed as she never returned. Their den was found and all three of them got to us in the right time before starve to death. Neither of them suffered trauma from it, they live happy and content now.

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